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How We Will Get You Elected

At Kinetic Campaigns, we pride ourselves on the intangibles that we bring to a campaign. Work ethic, integrity, a joy in the work that we do, an understanding that our role is not just about the mail we produce, but the late night calls, the strategic conversations with allies, the 100% commitment to our clients and getting them elected.

Creative that Cuts thru the Mailbox

Mail is a visual and tactile medium that requires pieces to stand out in the mailbox to be effective. Our focus on imagery and photography is central to our mail writing process and our art department is constantly testing the boundaries of Direct Mail. We know that people’s attention is divided and voters are more skeptical than ever before, so it is imperative that we break through with compelling creative and a message that grabs them.

Message Discipline

Our primary goal in every campaign is to drive home a key message for voters that they will associate with the campaign and remember when they vote. We are disciplined in how we use the real estate of the Direct Mail piece and believe that campaigns that try to say too much end up saying nothing at all. A muddled message is no message.

Handling Your Campaign

When you hire us, you get original work tailored to your specific campaign. That’s why we limit the number of clients we take each election cycle. We believe that smaller is better and anticipate working with 22 to 25 races in total for the cycle.

We get involved in your campaign early and are committed to our clients success. Importantly, when you hire us, you get us—not a junior account person. Each campaign deals directly with Donte and Barry. Each campaign has our cell numbers, and we are proud of our reputations as the most accessible consultants in the business.

By starting early with our campaigns, we are able to help shape the message and tease out the stories that propel your candidacy. From there we get to work on figuring out initial concepts for a mail plan and ultimately writing the copy, getting the pieces printed, labeled, and into mailboxes. We handle the entire process for you so you can spend your time campaigning instead of worrying about the mail.

Always Looking Forward

We are constantly reviewing polling, focus groups and literature to provide the best Direct Mail in the business. Using the advanced modeling available to campaigns, we ensure your message is being sent to the people most likely to respond to it and make the most efficient use of campaign resources.

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